Amman: Week 2 // I Hit the Ground… Slowly?

After an exciting first week in Amman, my second week was quite uneventful (but not in a negative sense by any means). I started classes this week and the rose colored glasses I wore last week began to wear off. This week was quite eye opening only because the true reality of Amman started to show. As an American abroad, I am constantly aware of my ignorance, but I had never traveled to a place before where my ethnicity was of such importance to the locals. Or even felt so frustrated that people keep trying to take advantage of me while fully knowing they are.

As mentioned in my first blog post about studying abroad, I am taking classes at Princess Sumaya University for Technology. While abroad, I am taking a six credit hours course of Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha), a three credit hours course of Jordanian Spoken Arabic (3ammiya), three credit hour course entitled Intercultural Leadership and Communication, and finally a three credit hour course on the Environment and Politics of Water. I absolutely adore all my professors, but was struggling to adjust to being a student again. The first week was so nice because I was able to wander mindless and forget why I was in Jordan in the first; to study Arabic and learn about the area.

This past week has been so exhausting mentally and I have gone to bed extremely early every night. I also joined a gym close to my program headquarters, which sadly is a 30 minute HIKE from PSUT.

The area PSUT is located in is extremely nice though. It is right next to the University of Jordan and I have both of my elective courses in the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan. I got lost very almost every day of the week while trying to “forage” for lunch. The highlight of my week was definitely finding a simple takeout falafel joint called “Ibn Battuta” where you can get a big sesame bread falafel sandwich for 50 piasters (so 75 USD cents). IT IS THE BEES KNEES.

As the week ended, my host sister invited all of my friends over for fajitas on Thursday and to learn how to dance. It was so sweet to be able to have the two most important groups of people in Amman meet one another and get along. She then invited everyone over again the next day to play Uno. I have never had that much fun playing Uno. New decks are the best and so ridiculously hard to shuffle!

Saturday was spent learning how to clean my room. There is an Arabic saying that something is not clean unless you can do surgery on it. I have never missed or appreciated my Swiffer more than this morning. It was so difficult because we clean the floors using a puddle of soapy water and an oversized squeegee. I miss my ridiculous American inventions.

This week was pretty slow and noticed that I found comfort underneath my covers, thus would spent time just laying in bed. I believe that this rest was well deserved and needed, but I also decided that I need to get out more next week. Also need to be more courageous and comfortable doing things by myself. It feels daunting at times, but I think it will be well worth it!

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