Project: Well-Wisher (1)



I have been wanting to commit to a photo project for a bit of time and finally decided to just dive into one. A couple of weeks ago, I successfully completed my first semester of college and could not be happier with the amazing new friends I have made. At the beginning of the year I tried to be friends with EVERYONE. We would meet, along extremely well, exchange numbers and never see or talk to each other again. With a 40,000 student campus, it was bound to happen more likely than not. This was a hard concept for me to accept at first, but I realized (with the help of many) that you are not always going to end up being best friends with everyone you meet, but as long as you are well-wisher, everything will be okay.

My new project, “Well-Wisher” (WW) is meant to help document all the incredible people I meet, share their beauty with the world and eventually be able to look back upon all the connections made. I am aiming for a bi-weekly post, but it will more than likely be a weekly post.

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Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago 2013 (Recap)

Venue: Humboldt Park
City: Chicago, Illinois
Date: September 13th – 15th, 2013

While cleaning up my computer, I found these oldies and completely forgot to share them with you. Riot Fest is hands down my favorite music festival and I already bought my ticket for next year! Not only is the lineup always diverse, but there is a carnival and there is no pressure to be something you’re not.

Quick sidenote, I also got to meet the security guard who tackled the streaker during Vampire Weekend’s Lolla set. A couple kids in the front row “dared” me to ask him about it and he was such a happy camper when I stealthily brought it up.

This year’s Riot Fest was not only memorable, but an education. I still cannot believe that I got to see Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Blink 182, AND… THE REPLACEMENTS. WOWZERS. I still get chills thinking about it. You know that girl who was crying during “Left of The Dial”? Yup that was me.

Make sure to get your tickets early because they WILL sell out 2014. I just know it!

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