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Project: Well-Wisher (5)



This week’s Well-Wisher post is dedicated to a complete stranger who turned 20 today (3/1/2014)! How do I know this? Lets rewind about 12 hours. A couple of friends and I were on our way to an album release party, but instead took a detour and ended up at Merry Ann’s Diner in Urbana instead. Quick S/O to the amazing staff at Merry Ann’s Diner in Urbana. Y’all are the absolute sweets and ROCK! In the midst of our delicious fries  and GIGANTIC milkshakes, a gentleman walks into the diner and sits in the far booth in the back. He is alone and has a backpack. Next thing I know, Happy Birthday is being sung as the gentleman has a birthday hat on. Read more “Project: Well-Wisher (5)”


Project: Well-Wisher (4)



One of the amazing things about going to a big research institutions is the amount of lectures and various speakers the university brings in. This past term, I have been able to bask in the amazing wisdom of Giancarlo Esposito, Shawn Johnson to many incredible professors from different universities and various political figures. This week’s Well-Wisher post is dedicated to a speaker who has truly inspired me because of his approach. Read more “Project: Well-Wisher (4)”


Project: Well-Wisher (3)


As most of you know, I started my first year of college this past Fall. I still have to pinch myself every now and then, but it just feels so right. I genuinely had no idea I could be so happy.  My friend group has been such a diverse mix of people from different background and I could not ask for anything better.

This past Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite valentines. I got to spend it with an amazing person and though the night hit a few bumpy roads, it was everything I envisioned it would be and more. A snowman+ Black Dog BBQ + A Walk To Remember + Grease + Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream? Pure perfection. Read more “Project: Well-Wisher (3)”


Project: Well-Wisher (2)


I know… I know. I haven’t been keeping up with this photo project, but I promise I will try harder. This semester has just been much more reading than I expected. This post is decided to my high school friends. High school wasn’t a bad time in my life, but it does not compare to college. I think I had a pretty good high school experience that would not be the same without the people below. Just as a quick disclaimer, there are others that are not listed below who also hold a special place in my heart. I promise you all will one day be featured here. Anyways, I had the opportunity to catch up with these three amazing people over winter break and wish them the best in life.
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Project: Well-Wisher (1)



I have been wanting to commit to a photo project for a bit of time and finally decided to just dive into one. A couple of weeks ago, I successfully completed my first semester of college and could not be happier with the amazing new friends I have made. At the beginning of the year I tried to be friends with EVERYONE. We would meet, along extremely well, exchange numbers and never see or talk to each other again. With a 40,000 student campus, it was bound to happen more likely than not. This was a hard concept for me to accept at first, but I realized (with the help of many) that you are not always going to end up being best friends with everyone you meet, but as long as you are well-wisher, everything will be okay.

My new project, “Well-Wisher” (WW) is meant to help document all the incredible people I meet, share their beauty with the world and eventually be able to look back upon all the connections made. I am aiming for a bi-weekly post, but it will more than likely be a weekly post.

NYE with the Avila Family Read more “Project: Well-Wisher (1)”