Gallery: Face To Face 2013 US Summer Tour

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Artist: Face To Face + Teenage Bottlerocket, The Blacklist Royals, Joshua Black Wilkins
Venue: The Bottom Lounge
City: Chicago, Illinois
Date: June 20th, 2013

My job is much less glamorous than most people think it is. Yes, there are many perks and I have spend many late nights getting work done but I would not change a thing. I also jump at every opportunity I get to do a venue interview and review/shoot the show. I have been so fortunate to meet so many incredible and inspirational people because of what I do.

When I was asked to interview Face To Face, I was nervous and worried. Face To Face is influential in the punk world and has always been one of those bands that I had respect for. After speaking to lead singer Trever Keith, my respect for the band multiplied. Keith has been around the block and is so wise. His words of wisdom were motivational speaker worthy and definitely something that all new bands should take note of.

I also had a chance to interview Nat Rufus, lead singer of The Blacklist Royals for a very short 5 minutes. I still feel terrible for having such a short interview, but the venue was oddly strict about restricting anyone under 21 from the backstage area… Which can I just say has NEVER EVER EVER happened to me before at that particular venue. It wasn’t even during the show but just after doors. Regardless, I got a chance to speak with him by merch about the music industry and it was enlightening yet disappointing. I love the music industry but just don’t understand why some artists don’t make it when they are so talented and hardworking. It literally breaks my heart every time.

The show was a really interesting mix and you should definitely make sure to check out my interviews/review:

p.s. I kinda secretly wish I were punk.

Joshua Black Wilkins

The Blacklist Royals

Teenage Bottlerocket


Face To Face

Face To Face


Face To Face


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